viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Swedens Mid-Summer

Well now Stardolls "hometown: Sweden" (well a lot of rumors have been going on that Stardoll, is from Sweden. Nobodys sure yet, but at least 90% of Stardollers are positive that Stardoll is from Sweden), are celebrating Mid-Summer. And to celebrate their mid-summer, they have put on stardoll, some...Pretty cool clothe. I LOVE the mini blue dress. I think is gorgeous, and so are the rest, but i personaly love the mini. And, i think that the flower head band is soo pretty too. And if you look at it closely, you could see all the details. Stardoll is improving their skills in virtual. OH! And btw is NON-SUPERSTAR!!!! All the things are non-superstar!!! I am loving stardoll again. Its much much better than EVERYTHING being SUPERSTAR.

Quest. of the day: Do you like the stuff there is in Starplaza for Swedens Mid-Summer?

Please answer in comment :D Thanxs!!

<3 C.

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